Things and whatever

I guess I should use this thing as a “sounding board” of sorts or something. I hate that term, sounding board. It’s rather silly. I suppose I’m in a bad mood today for many reasons. The horrible place I live, the horrible place I work, the lack of sunshine in the last 3 days, the lack of nice/good/<enter other positive things here> people in the vicinity with whom I’d like to interact!

Anyway, enough negative nancy-ing over here. I’m on the 7th week of a 9 week sprint triathlon plan and it’s going really well. This week isn’t as great as I hoped but it’ll be fine. The first few weeks J and I didn’t run at all as it was snowing and crap here still in February, and a gym is like a million euros to join. We’ve since ran a handful of times (I just checked our google docs page  -and it’s being slow), and I feel really good about it! Although, it seems that I can’t take much time off of running otherwise the next time I run, my legs get all stiff and sore for 2 days after. It’s really something I’d like to avoid. This is even including lots of rolling. However, this week I’ve gotten off course again, as I had a friend visit J and I here on the farm. I’m not blaming good old Jeffy, I’m just saying J and I have an incredibly inflexible schedule/way-of-life (thanks france!), so any push off balance and we are screwed. Jeff pushed us well the hell off balance (you ruiner!) and so swimming is the only activity we have done, albeit in a rather empty pool – huzzah for empty pools (another story, another time)!

Oh, that isn’t true. When Jeff was here, the 3 of us decided it was a fantastic idea to wake up at 6:45 for a 7AM run! I was still asleep on the run apparently, because I forgot I did it! Jeff did some plyometric business, while J and I ran 3.7 km. It was cold, but not unbearable.  Well this is good news! Tomorrow J and I are taking a half day or something close to that since at CERN it’s a holiday – woohoo! – so we can go running and my legs won’t hurt. Saweet. Boss has a meeting in the AM so we’ll duck out as soon as that’s over. I’m totally a fair weather runner though, so if it rains I will chicken out. That’s just life. We’ll let you know how it goes tomorrah.


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