Really, not very exciting

Today was not bad actually. I know it’s still not over and all but so far it’s 5PM and I haven’t totally wanted to maim someone..kinda. :p

It was fine. Since it’s Good Friday everyone at CERN technically has the day off, so despite our American bosses, we were going to take it completely off. Neg. That doesn’t fly, yo. Like ever. So instead we woke up at our usual time with the chickens going in the backyard. I had a meeting at 10, which was fine, but at 12, we blasted out of there. CERN was empty, super duper empty, void of people. However it was full of cars. This is just the name of the game. When holidays come around or people take vacation (I will NOT use the word holiday as a synonym for vacation!) they chuck there cars at CERN and peace out like it’s not allowed….because it’s not. But everybody does it. Sweet.

We went for a run after I mini napped for ~5 minutes, in which I actually perused the webs. It was a really nice run too. We just got some new drinkie-dink stuff, PowerBar Isoactive/Isotonic sports drink powder at Go Sport. I tried it out and initially tasted like vomit, but after a few more sips it hinted at fruitiness. It’s supposed to be raspberry-pomegranate, but since I used only half the powder called for, it tasted like ass. We ran 3.5miles, which is great as I didn’t even think I had that in my today (ya know, being all “that time of month” and all). I know it’s not an epic distance or anything but it was more than I expected from myself today, so I’m very happy with it. Plus, we ran it at a speed that I am unfamiliar with! It was at 12:50 min/mile! That is HUGE! I mean, all my other runs have been around 14 to 15 minute/mile which is insanely slow! I felt okay, not like I was at race pace or anywhere near it but still good. So I guess I’m getting fit? I have no idea!

So last year when we started running we followed   Jack Daniels’ Running Formula  to get us (me) started on running because we (I) hated it. It was great because now I really enjoy running now and I don’t want to die every time I run. It’s a very good feeling. Also, I dropped like 20 pounds from it*. It was dual purpose really, to lose weight and not hate running. I found some inspiration somewhere in this horrible place and decided I would start triathlon again because I had such a great time in 2009, RIGHT before we moved here. We met fun and nice people, had a blast every week training and then when the race came, I completed 2 and felt fantastic! And now that I’ve had time to A)lose weight where my body can somewhat cool itself properly, and B)time to train with a goal in mind more than “I want to do my first one!”, I feel like I need to step up my running, which I do. I signed up (fiiiinaaally) for the Annecy Triathlon on July 1 2012 in Annecy, France and it’s an Olympic distance, my first, so I need to be able to do this. It’s 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10k run. Shit. 10k? 4.5miles is my max so far…crapper. Let’s see…if I increase my mileage by 10% each week until June, can I get to somewhere in the 9 mile range, per run? It is said that to compete for 10km, which is 6 miles -ish, then one must feel comfortable running 1.5xs that, which would be 9 miles.To answer my question, probably not, especially not if I want my body to be intact (read: if I don’t want a friggin injury – my right ankle is already being punky). We’ll see I guess. I’ll write the progress here I suppose…

* We don’t own a scale and I don’t want one. I don’t care about my weight perse, I care about how I feel. I felt gross. I feel less gross now.  We did, however, measure with a tape measure and have results on plots and stuff, very sciency of us, I know. So in all, I lost ~3 inches around my waist and hips since a year ago. That’s success to me.


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