I am so screwed

Dear Diary,

The easter weekend was really quite nice with J and I exercising, cleaning the apartment and relaxing. It was good, until last night around 9 PM when I decided to map out, correctly, the bike route for the Annecy Triathlon. Much to my chagrin, or something much worse than just chagrin, I realize I will be climbing a f**ing mountain in this triathlon. I don’t mean no pansy ass US east coast “mountain”, I mean the freaking Jura Mountains mountains, with 6-7% grade inclines AND declines(!) and hairpin switchbacks, through a mountain pass, called a Col in French. Once this hit me, I mapped it here, I started singing how screwed I was because this race is in 14 weeks, and I’ve been riding a training for the entire duration of winter. Now let me tell you that riding a trainer for 1 hour or 2 hours even makes you feel like you are the queen of the world! You’re thinking the entire time “I’m hanging in my saddle for 1+ hours, my crotch doesn’t want to jump off my body and run away, my legs are okay, I can DO THIS!”. This is how I felt the entire winter, until Sunday when J and I decided it was time for our first outdoor ride. We rode 11km with headwind in our faces the entire time, spitty rain, and bitchin’ cold, in a really weak 36 minutes..i.e. 12 mph. Laaaame. So needless to say, but Imma say it anyway, I need to ride up these mountains STAT! OMG!!! I am so screwed….

Our mantra in the last few weeks has been, SUCK IT UP PRINCESS, because honestly, I wasn’t in the beginning. Now I can say I am a little bit more. But in order not to totally fall off the mountain or die at any part of this race, I will need to suck it up BIG TIME princess…

So after this initial shock, I decided to get to work. I mapped out a 36km route to do around our mountains over here to train. There aren’t 6% grades everywhere so here’s what I mapped. It seems good, but I think I’ll try it out before I say it’s awesome or anything definitive. However, there is a this annoying hill near us in Segny (2 towns over) which our little 11km route takes us over, and it had ~5-6% grades on it and it’s short. I think it’s a good repeat hill! Segny Hill

It’s tiny, short and takes me about 3 minutes or so to climb, I think that’s sufficient. I usually attack it thinking it’s shorter than it is, then realize my erroneous way, and sit and pout. It’s silly because I do it EVERY time. It’s a small altitude gain, a mere 100 feet, compared to the Annecy tri which will be a whopping 2000 feet…hahahaha…omg. 😥

well, Justin seems to have some faith in me which is really nice and almost comforting. I know that I need to work on my run without hurting myself, but apparently Bike is my weak sport. Who knew?


Totally screwed in France.


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