What’s the deal?

…with this weather? It’s been raining for about 4 days straight here in the good ole Geneve. Just as I started freaking out about my giant mountain climb I need to do in July, I can’t go for a bike ride. Yea, can’t. You read it right. I cannot go bike riding in the rain. It’s actually rather dangerous, so don’t judge me. Well, you can, I just won’t listen or care. For real.

And plus J and I have had to be home the last 2 evenings to show our apartment to prospective renters (no, we do not own the place…) so that’s been taking up our time.

In the mean time, I started knitting a cute turtle for my cousin Ivana’s son Luca. I’m almost done with the body. It’s really quite adorable and I’ll probably make a whole army of them. Knitting stuffed animals is really satisfying. It’s quick, easy and you get to test out new methods or techniques in knitting on a small project. So if you totally screw it up, it’s no biggie, because the kiddo you give it to will not notice and the parents will be happy they didn’t have to buy another toy (I think..I’m no momma). It’s win-win! So this turtle also get a removable shell, which is suuuuper neato. I will probably start that later tonight or tomorrow during lunch.

So back to exercise! Despite missing a run or bike ride last night, we decided to do some core instead. So we did 3 rounds (I did 3, J did 2) of 7 exercises, with a 2 minute break in between each set. It took about 8-9 minutes each round and was grueling! We did:

  1. Plank on forearms – 30sec
  2. Squat jumps – 10 (These are fuuuun but hurt!)
  3. Push ups – 10
  4. Crunches – 20
  5.  Squats with weights – 20
  6. Back planks – 30sec
  7. Twisting Side Bends – 20

And now today my back is a little sore, my hamstrings are ready to fall off and so are my inner thighs. I included 2 types of squats to prepare my leggums for the mountain climbing. I think I’m going to start doing 1 plank and 1 set of squats a day, or at least start with 1 of each a day and up it in a few days. I really can’t not at this point…soo screwed…

Honestly, I just want to ride the hills, but if this weather isn’t cooperating then this is my next best option. I am in deep refusal to get on the trainer anymore for false hope to return. Or I can get on the trainer, set it to maximum and just chug-a-lug. I suggested this to J yesterday and you know what he says, “Yea! and I can spray you with water while your doing that!” For real Justin? I know you are reading this, so I need to ask AGAIN, for real? Why would you do that? You crazy person. I love you, but you are so nutty.

I think tonight is a swim night, seeing that the pool was closed all weekend for Easter and I haven’t swam since last week. I am going to not follow my current triathlon plan of doing sprints or something and just swim straight for a while. I’ll warm up for 5-10 minutes, which is like 300-400 meters. Then my main set will be to swim for ~20-30 minutes straight. That should get me to 1500m  I think. Mebe.


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