This will be the bike ride from hell

I figured it out!

J and I went for a bike ride yesterday to try out this Category 5 hill to climb and climb again. So we did, only 2 times because my legs are totally wimpy, and it was fun times. Good ride with my dude. However, I got home all pumped that I conquered, if you could call it conquering when you’re wheezing the whole time, a Cat5 hill! Sweet, I thought, sweet, I’ll be climbing in no time. That was hard work but I can do this! YEAH!!

Then I mapmyrun it and find out that the map I made of the hill only versus the map I made of the entire loop we rode is not in fact a Cat 5 but no category at all because it’s a hill, not a moun-tane. BOGUS. How did that even happen? I still can’t understand why mapmyrun has done this. Maybe I’ll ask J for his Garmin infos. Either way, boooo!!

So, in lieu of this, I have mapped a more ridiculous ride, a more tremendous hill climb, a more, if I may, MOUNTAINY climb! YEY.



Echenevex Hill of Doooom


Yup. That says Category 3. I just upped the ante and I will perish there. It’s fine. I need this. This is good. This is the season I learn to climb mountains bitches.

Game on.


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