Double digits and counting!

Today is the 98th day. It means 98 days left of the crappiest reality I’ve ever experienced. It means in 98 days I get to board a plane with Justin and BLAST OFF and shortly land on American soil. It will be the most revered day in my life. I think I might kiss the ground and whoever is in my path! I will bulldoze through Dulles airport (sweet welcome right?) buy all the American things I can buy because I am a consumerist at heart, despite any experiences I have had in Europe. I will run to the Starbucks, and chug-a-lug a coffee, a real American coffee, at a real American price of like 3 bucks, not 11CHF (~$12 ) for a fucking tall latte. I will hoist the coffee into the air probably spill it on myself and scream a guttural scream, near to a Bruce Willis scream, in particular at the end of The Fifth Element.


I will turn heads, but who cares, this is A-MERRR-ICA (a’la Steven Colbert). Anyway, after this I will run forth to my next gate with Justin strolling behind because he’ll be wondering who he’s been traveling with, and I’ll throw myself on my luggage hoping to create a ‘Slip-n-slide’ effect, when in reality I’ll look like a this poor girl below, possibly in a bikini also. It will fantastic.

And that is how it shall come to pass.


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