Longest run to date!

Hey yo! I ran 5.25 miles last night! This is my longest run to date and I’m so proud! J and I took to the streets of Maconnex thinking we’d do 2 loops of our usual lollipop and then go home (I thought we’d just walk home after 4 miles).

So we did.. and then we kept going! I know it’s partially not a good idea to push oneself when there is more training to do, but I didn’t really have a plan, I don’t this week. So anyway, it was probably around 65-70 deg F and it was hard at the last half mile, but I did it!! I felt good after too! And today, I feel fine! Although, I haven’t traversed too many stairs yet…

No so bad! Those are tiniest hills in the world. Anyway, I feel good and I’m happy about it! I think I’ll be able to do this 10km in Annecy just fine! The 3.2km at Rumilly can eat my shorts!

PS: I tried on my wet suit last night after dusting off cobwebs and after the long run and omg did I feel like a standing sausage. I walked like the tinman without oiled knees and the collar was choking me. I also felt like a big beefcake. Not really what I was going for. I guess my large runners legs (wtf?) took up a lot of room, and my clothing?! I don’t know. Maybe next time I lube myself before I get in…and not after a long run.. woops..


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