Rumilly Super Sprint Triathlon Goals

The time has come to think about some goals I would like to achieve for this seasons inaugural triathlon, Rumilly Super Sprint 2012!

SWIM – 400m:

Currently my swimming is out of whack technique-wise, as I’m still incorporating bi-lateral breathing as well as more exaggerated rolling, as I do not roll do well. However, my time has  remained the same or similar, which tells me that my technique before the change was not the best. I think this is a good thing because with correct form I have a better chance of not hurting myself and pushing myself so that I can be a little faster and of course be more efficient in the water.

Thus for the swimming I’m hoping to achieve somewhere in the 9 minute region. I normally do my T-pace 100s at 2:08(m:ss), but if I add in the bilateral breathing and some funky chicken kicking (it’s still a bit erratic) then I’d say 2:15 per 100m. So that’s why 9 is okay. I don’t want to be unrealistic and say “Oh I’ll have so much adrenalin I’ll pull out something sub-9 minute,” because even those this is the first race, it’s a warm up, to get me ready to do more, mentally and physically. So for swim I’ll be happy with sub-10minutes.


Don’t fall on face. Take wet suit off, if wearing. Put shoes on. Put helmet on.

BIKE – 7 miles:

My bike skillz lack, big time. I can’t climb hills without dropping to the tiny gear and grinding up, teeth clenched ( although I’m trying to stop this)! However since the bike course is relatively flat out and back I think I’ll be okay. Lately we’ve been averaging ~12mph but that includes some large long climbs, so I think I’ll cut myself some slack here. I think anything under 30 minutes will be okay. Yes, it’s 7 miles long. Yes that is slow. Whatev.


Don’t fall on face. Take bike stuff off, but sneakers on. Forgo the goddamn water bottle. Just go!

RUN 3.2km = 2.1 miles:

Apparently I thought erroneously that this was going to be a piece o’cake. I finally mapped it and saw there is a Cat5 hill (it’s a 5% grade) at the beginning of the run. Sweet. I love hills. I was made for hills… one of my past lives. It’ll be fine I think, just take it easy on the hill, then run the rest as I can. I really am not trying to win anything here. Anyway, even with this badass hill, I think I pull out 12 min miles easily. I’ve been training this way for like a year, I think I’ve got that. Although a few months ago I was thinking, “Man, I could pull out 10 min miles on this!” which is a lie, because it is a fallacy. 🙂 I think if I’m luck I can pull out 11 min miles, considering I did those today and the perceived effort was like 2 points higher than the 12 minute miles I’ve been doing. So, ya, I’ll be happy with whatever. Let’s say sub 25 min! 🙂

Thus, to show my fabulous math skillz, we have as an upper limit: 10 Min swim, 30 min bike ride, 25 min run –> 65 minutes, plus any other doodling I do in the transitions. Let’s put 4 minutes on for stupid crap I will do during T1 and T2. –> 70 minutes! (I added on 1 more minute for the water bottle crisis I know will occur).

There ya have it.

Triathlon season 2012, I coming for you……….slowly!!!  😉


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