Ugh. Why…?

Why does this keep happening? Why is this continent out to get everyone who is not native? Why the friggin’ hell can J and I not do the things we want to do without some bureaucratic or frustratingly European thing getting in our damn way?

We have definitely had these issues in the past 2+ years we’ve been in France/Switzerland and this is nothing new.

We were just doing so well lately. For instance, yesterday was a really long chock-full-of-stuff-got-done kinda day, without a hiccup! Unbelievable! REALLY!

I wanted/needed some new triathlon shorts as the ones I have are far too short (chaaaafe) and so the only place I found nearby, apart from Annecy, was Nyon. We also needed to donate a boat-load of books and other stuff so that was on our list! Then Justin got the idea to take a late night stroll on the dare he want to do such a thing! Keep in mind, everything (EVERYTHING) closes at 5 on Saturdays. That’s very European. ugh.

The real winning of the day started early at 9 AM when we scooted fast over to the Thoiry Mall to go food shopping.We stop at the bank to ask to close J’s bank account. There is a lovely man there from Lyon (sweet!) who helps us, knows us at this point –  although I am super surprised – and we get an appointment! (Success #1)

I decided to look for another pair of shorts as I have recently donated ~3 of 5 pairs of shorts as they just fall off me now (WIN!), . Well I tried on a lot of shorts and capris and holy buckets of cupcakes I found a pair! I found out I’m a 38 in French sizing…no idea what that means, but there it is! (Success #2)

Then we headed over to Go Sport to find some gels for the tri next weekend as I might die if I don’t get any calories in during the 4+ hour process. We found strawberry-banana, green apple and a new flavor: lemon-lime! Last time we went, they were out of everything!! So this was faaaabulous! (This was success #3 and it wasn’t even after 10AM – YEAAAA).

Around 1PM J and I took off for Nyon, got there and parked around 1:30. Walked around for 10 minutes then hunted for the shop, Swim & Run (part of The guy there was incredibly nice! Who can believe such a thing after all the tales I’ve told about this horrendous continent??! Well, he was. He helped me pick out some shorts, he and J asked me how things were when I tried them on. PS. This was all in French. And despite me telling him my French was poor, he kept on talking fast and telling me things I couldn’t understand. et…voila. Really. There it is, because, well…there it is, that’s all I can do. However, after having been successful at actually arriving at Nyon and finding a good parking spot, I never imagined I’d find a pair of shorts! Well, gosh darnit I did! I tried on 6 pairs and found a nice pair of Orca tri hipster shorts that, friggin finally, do not come all the way up to under my breasts because they are so long! They don’t have any annoying grippy part at the bottom of the short to avoid ride-up, but they shouldn’t ride up because they are pretty cozy against my quadriceps. My quads are far too large for the shorts to creep up, but we will see! We also finally found some elastic shoelaces (ours are ~3 years old) and those were outrageously priced but whatever I guess, I don’t even know. And we found some other flavored gels to try out, tropical punch and vanilla! If I eat 4 strawberry-banana gels in a day I don’t think I’ll be happy. (Success #  4 & 5 & 6)

By now it wasn’t too late so we had a nice walk up and down the lake front where we encountered a large boat starting to park. J helped the dude out by tying up one side of the boat to a large ring in the ground. He took some pictures of it, we mosey-ed back to the parking lot and headed to our next destination…the donation place….

The donation place we went to was in Plan-Les-Ouates in the Geneva Canton but not in Geneva proper. We took the A1 autoeroute straight to it, we make the turns, FIND IT, and back into the donation area. We ask the dude if they accept all we had, he said “OUI”, we say “SACRE BLEU!”, we dump it and vamoose. Seriously? No papers to fill out? No appointment to make?? Where am I?! The USA!? (Success #7 & 8).

Fast forward a few hours, around 9 when we decide to go to the beach to have a walk to see the sunset. We make it to Versoix, find a good parking, take our walk, J takes some nice photos and we’re out! (Success #9)

HOLY MOTHER! WE DID IT! We had a day of more than 1 success and 0 failures! This is the best day ever!!

Until today. Oh today. Today wasn’t the worst, but it certainly wasn’t Saturday June 23 2012!!! That day will go down in history!

Today, was blaaahh, until we decided to go swimming. It’s not even hot here, it’s like in the 70s but once we got to the pool, there are people parked on the grass already…fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! I knew it was bad. We decided to take a look. We walked over to look, it’s a madhouse. See the clip below to see the absolutely mayhem that goes on at this fucking pool.


It is like this all the time but only  100000 times worse. Ugh. And to add to it, there was no lane today, just like on every Wednesday Saturday and Sunday! Yea, the swiss believe in a one lane system. Fuckers. We left frustrated.

I was going to work on my tan but the sun went behind some clouds and crapped all over an already craptastic day. yey.

So to rejoice in this I made vanilla bean cupcakes with brown sugar. Which were delicious. 🙂

I can’t wait to move back to the US. 40 days can’t come sooner!!


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