Annecy Triathlon 2012 Thoughts

Oh how fast the time has passed to get me to this point, a few days before the longest triathlon I will have ever done!

Yes, I’m definitely nervous. Yes, I am trying to taper, but I’ve been tapering for like 3 weeks now (HA!). Yes, I’m staying hydrated.

I wonder if I’ll ever feel ready for a race. I feel more ready for a sprint distance right now. I didn’t work out as much as I would have liked or expected, really, but I kinda just re-started. Although, I’m not as nervous as I would have thought. I expect that this is dramatically change come race day!

For the swim, I know I can do 1500m. I just know I will freak out a bit. Whatever, that’s ok. So under normal conditions I can do like 2:15/100m easily, but lets add a few seconds on to it for reduction in  efficiency. So the swim should take me around 36 minutes. Let’s add 4 minutes for any extra freak out. ~40 minutes then.  That’s safe. Under 40 would really be preferable, but I won’t cry if it’s longer. I’m more concerned about drowning.

For the bike part. J and I did it in about 2 hours and 30 ish minutes. I expect something around that maybe a touch slower from the exhaustive swim. Avg speed going up is like 8mph and avg speed going down is like 25 mph, which says I should finish faster, but the uphills are looooong.

For the run, I will give 12 minute miles as a guess because I’ll be tired. So that’s over an hour, about ~72 minutes. I’ll be so happy if I do this. If I pull some 10 minute miles in here, I’ll be even more happy! But let’s not get crazy!!

In total: 40min + 150min + 72 min = 262 minutes = 4.4 hours or 4 hours and 24 minutes.  I expect something like that, possibly slower as the weather forecast tells me it’s going to be hellish hot ~90s (F). It’s fine with me if I go slow.

I’ll be proud no matter what, because this course isn’t easy! Those climbs are badass and I’ll be so happy to have done them. I think this will be a lot of fun!


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