Back to it! Chop chop!

Hi all my 2 readers! 🙂

After the annecy triathlon I decided I deserved some time off, and also I was on shift at the pit for 6 straight days with totally crazy hours (departure from the normal 9-5 working, I mean).

Soooo this means I haven’t done too much in the last 2 weeks, exercise-wise. I ran 2 times and swam 1 time. Apparently I don’t want to talk to my bike right now. Weird, I didn’t know we were in a fight, but I do kind of give her looks when I pass her by to enter the apartment. Mainly it’s because she has gel pack pieces still taped to the handlebars and I don’t like it but am far too lazy to remove them.

However!!! J and I have finally (FINALLY) made a plan for this week regarding exercise practices.

Note: I think I like this term better, “practices”, as opposed to “workout”, feels like it’s a build up for something truly great!

Our plan is the following:

  • Monday: AM Run, PM Swim (A only)
  • Tuesday: PM Bike ride
  • Wednesday: AM Run, PM Swim (A only)
  • Thursday: PM Bike ride
  • Friday: AM Run (J only), PM Swim (both)
  • Saturday: Off!! PARTY!
  • Sunday: Long Bike ride (2+ hours)

Well, Monday morning run didn’t happen (they usually don’t, I am the laziest mofo there ever was), so we ran in the evening. It went very nicely actually. We warmed up with 0.6 miles (distance to our loop in Vesegnin), dropped our water bottle off at a tree at the start of the loop to use it later. Then we did 4 x 30 second accelerations with 30 seconds rest in between each.  We finished one lap and took a 1 minute break to drink water and eat chewy energy bite thingies (loop 1 time: 22 minutes, 4 seconds).  Took off again and I decided I would try to hold a much faster pace for a few minutes. Well, I ended up running for 5 minutes at a verrrry fast pace (pour moi) and basically disappeared from J, which is SO COOOOOOL. I felt great, I was huffing, but it was really good to push myself beyond what I normally do.

We finished up the next lap with 22 minutes and 6 seconds. Way to go consistency! Then I decided I’d have enough, so we walked the rest of the way home, ~20 minutes for that. Walking is so slow… 🙂

I’ve also decided that I will do at least 1 plank after every practice I do, as well as as many push ups I can muster. Well I did 2 planks, both 30 seconds long, one on my front and one on the back. Then I did 15 pushups! YEAAAH!   J did 10 push ups, I did more just because I’m a nutcase…don’t worry.

We’ll see how the bike ride goes tonight! Maybe we’ll do the Echenevex loop or climb to Gex and then just fly back down, but I loathe the road outside CMS and into Versonnex, it’s so gravelly!


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