Taking a break

Yes I dropped off the face of the blog-o-sphere. Sorry kids.

I’ve been training in a sense, still, but things aren’t going as planned. Number 1: I hurt my left shoulder pretty badly a while ago, doing what, I do not know! I think probably lifting weights at some point or rock climbing, a new found awesome sport. To say the least, I’m pissed. I was just starting to improve quite rapidly in my climbing abilities, more of the slanties and less of the straight wall. More finger dexterity and strength and less painful raw hands. It’s sad. However I am not even able to swim without pain when I execute the pull in freestyle. So, with that I’ve made the decision to take time off of triathlon. I will be volunteering my heart out as well as running hard and biking like a demon! That might mean a duathlon or 2…but I really am not in the competing mood. Probably my current situation…

In fact, I’ve been doing some training at the downtown Syracuse YMCA on Sundays, called “The Ironman Sessions” on a computrainer. They are almost every other week on Sundays for a few hours, for about 6 weeks. The last grueling one (prior to this past Sunday) was 3 hours and I was toast. This past Sunday – yesterday – was only 2, but it was a work out!! Serious. no joke stuff. The Computrainer thing is cool, it’s like a regular trainer, but better since you are hooked up to a computer and you get all your stats instantly. It also makes 3 hours go by like it’s nothing. Really. I know.

Usually during these sessions, Sam (our fearless leader) loads an IM course (we’ve done Kona twice) and we peddle for 2-3 hours, while the computer/computrainers do the rest. The system records your instantaneous power output, average power output, speed, average speed, heart rate, average heart rate, cadence, average cadence…you get the idea. So I’ve been averaging on that course like 13.5mph and 95 Watts, which is weeeaak! This past Sunday I averaged ~1.6 Watts/kg. This is why I am doing these sessions, because I can’t ride fast or output high power. I am pretty weak in cycling and really hope this helps me improve. Despite it being really cool to have all these stats available, I cannot wait to get outside! The snows really need to go away (and J and I need to move to a warmer place — this is crazy cold!!). However I haven’t really enjoyed biking as much as I can, I think. This is because every time I sit on my saddle it’s the worst experience ever. The saddle is horrible, and my knees want to dislocate after  2 hours of working at those peddles. It’s horrible. I don’t even want to ride this thing! This leads me to believe that I need a new bike fit, which is between 100-300 dollars! Plus all the additional stuff added on if I need something, for example a new saddle and some tri-bars!

I still enjoy tri a lot, I’m just not in the mood right now for anything really dedicated. I guess it’s my mental cycle right now. I really don’t know. I think the thesis-ing is really blowing all my dedication out of my system. It’s sucking my soul our through my eyeballs.

Just a few months and then I can be on my way I think….just a fewwww mooore months…


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