Positivity is better

I’m trying to be positive these days, just generally more positive. I tried yesterday and was mostly successful, until later in the day when I was being pretty negative. Booo! Stop it!

I’m listening to Cut Copy’s “Take Me Over” off their album Zonoscope, and it’s just so cute and happy and lovely and it makes me bob my head (a really good sign!). Reminds me of a old Fleetwood Mac song actually! Anyway, it’s nice and happy, but the point is that the first few lyrics really just spoke to me:

“Do you hear the voice inside your head
Whispering to live your dreams instead”

I dream of being happy and positive, always. I am willing to try harder, or just period! 🙂

Also another artist I am enjoying now is Caro Emerald. I can’t say enough that her music is just reallllly upbeat and so happy!

I think I have to give up my Depeche Mode and just keep the happy music pumping. It makes me feel good and *want* to be positive. That’s the more important part I think.




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