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I know I have not written here in a really long time, over a year in fact, bummer man. You see, I had to finish my Ph.D. and all that stuff. Then I started martial arts, specifically Jeet Kune Do (JKD, to you bub, which is Bruce Lee’s martial arts btw…), at Syracuse Martial Arts Academy. AND THEN I got a sewing machine (from here: to fulfill all my creative desires, and so here I am, a nerd, totally doing things that are not physics…at all.


WOT. (from joystiq)

In December 2012 I started to read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time , WOT henceforth, and seriously have read only a few other books.


I read the first 10 books straight through, which were no joke 800 pages each, on average. Then I took a break and read some crappy romance novels, which I LOVED, and now have since started the WOT up again. I’m on book 13 of 14 books! HOLY MOTHER! I’ve spent literally 1 year and 4 months or so reading this and I’m almost done. That’s a lot of time and pages. Anyway, the point here is that in the book there are several super cool characters and one, who I love, Moiraine Damored. She is just too cool. She’s a good woman. Whereas, some other cool characters, like Moghedien or Semirhage or Lanfear are kind of cool, but they are scary-a$$ villains. Really going creepy and psycho sometimes, hence why we love to hate them. They are just bad people.

Also, some backstory, I’ve been afraid to make clothing. I know, it’s silly. I made a tank top successfully, really successfully, it’s beautiful. I love it. But it’s made with crap polyester Joann fabric. Then I tried to make the same pattern also with crap Joann fabric, and it completely ripped, and not in the middle of making it. AT THE END. I spent over 4 hours making this thing, and I was testing out wear by stretching it and the DAMN THING RIPPED in many places. So I forbid to buy cheap fabric or any fabric at all from Joann, foreverrr! I do wrap that experience up to be just that, experience. I learned some more tips and gained something from that. So it wasn’t a total waste. Also to really emphasize and teach myself proper sewing, I’ve been sewing a lot of bags and small projects (pillows, zipper bags…etc). They come out fabulous, more and more professional each day, so thats great. I want to make some pants, but that scares me a little bit. PLUS, apparel fabric is not really sold around this area, Syracuse, at all. I’d have to buy it all online or take a trip to NYC to visit MOOD (NO PROBLEM 😉 ).

OKAY, so the point, finally, is that I decided to go ahead, take the plunge and make a dress!! Not just ANY dress either, a medieval dress for a Moiraine cosplay/Halloween/masquerade thing? I don’t know. I’m hesitant to call it cosplay, lest I be taken for a REAL nerd, but honestly, I don’t give a shit. I think it’s awesome.

So I’ve decided I’m going to do the MOOD thing, and check OUT THESE COLORS. It has to be a nice deep royal or sea blue. Look at these colors again. Seriously. I was to fall into them and squish around. The 3rd one in, Silk Crepe de Chine. It’s $18  a yard so obviously, when I get a job I’d buy it.

Luscious luscious fabric.

Luscious luscious fabric.


I’m going to make a muslin first, I have that already though. The pattern is this Simplicity 1487 in size 16, view B here, but in directions it’s view C. I think they messed it up. In fact, I should email this lady who wrote it up.

View B lady looks pissed.

View B lady looks pissed.

I’m sure I need to make some fitting adjustments, because the measurements are not spot on. Either way, this is going to be fun!!!

Updates to come! 😀


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