About The Bloggers:

A: I was born in Brooklyn, then moved to the guyland (Long Island to you!), where I spent my years being an annoying teenager. I moved to Binghamton for undergraduate at Binghamton University. I thought Physics was awesome and that I needed to learn it and do it forever. So I went to graduate school at Syracuse University. However, I got sent to CERN, Switzerland to work/study/whatever over there for 3 years. I was there until August 2012, and was grumpy as hell. Now I am back in NY with J and things are much better! We’ve got a cute pupper named Sancho, a Pembroke Corgi!! Looking for a job, looking to graduate in a few months. To say the least, things are busy!

J: Born and Raised in Portland, Oregon.  College in Bellingham, Washington at WWU, and then a few years in central Washington.  After that I went back to Graduate School in Syracuse, New York.  Drama-Drama, then I was sent us to Geneva, Switzerland where I am now.

This is mainly a blog from the two of us, but since a few months ago Alessandra has decided to hijack it and write about her triathlon fun times that she has. Justin has a photography blog that he keeps separate from this one, where he puts up…..photos! 🙂 It is located here: justing-pictures.blogspot.com.


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