This is my blog and I’ll be random if I want to.

Yes, I’ve somewhat hijacked this blog area from J as my own personal writing space. I mean he can come here too, but he’s got another one (and another one) somewhere else that he fiddle-farts with. It’s cool. I think he’s cool with it. I mean he can hijack it right back. But I’d say that folks (ha) are more interested in hearing about my work outs, my adventurous life and my obsession with cute animals. Whatev.

Let’s talk swimming.

So we went swimming Thursday evening after work, I decided to forgo the triathlon swim workout and just see how far I could go without dying. I got about 1000m before my right shoulder started freaking out and hurting, but I kept going. Dumb. At 1200m I called it quits, which I did in ~28 minutes, which is a 2:17 s/100m average pace. It’s okay for me. I know I’m kinda slow. My shoulder bugged me all night and then the next day was still very unhappy. At work it really hurt, not throbbing but achey. Also on Thursday I slammed the freaking car door corner into the back of my head so I had that going for me. I’m surprised I didn’t drown honestly. I have eaten a lot of Advil since Thursday. I iced my shoulder, put Biofreeze on it like 9000 times and on Saturday it was better. So I think I just overused it to the point where the muscles became inflamed. However this brings about a few things I think I may need to change in my swimming technique. I.e. the entire technique. 😦

These are my thoughts on problems with my swim stroke:

  1. Not enough rotation especially on my non-breathing side, such that my right shoulder is rotating inwards too much and causing a lot of discomfort and soreness. Possibly injury. This is not good.I think this is why I got so tired and sore around 1000 meters. My rotation is crappy.
  1. When my hand enters I try to keep it close to the surface, so my elbow drops. I’m pretty sure I do this, so instead, try to stick my hand in at a serious angle, not like 90, but closer to 45 than 10.
  2. It’s possible I have a scissor kick somewhere in my kick. I’m almost positive I have this problem. I will try the brushing my big toes together thingy that the swimsmooth people suggest.
  3. Did I mention my right shoulder is killing me due to lack of fucking rotation!!
  4. I need to work on my bi-lateral breathing. This will be the point of the next bunch of set of drills I do in almost every swim I do for the next 4 weeks.

So key things: rotation, bi lateral breathing, don’t kick stupid. 🙂

I will try these, but it’s hard to do all those things at once.  I also know I have bigger things to deal with (MOUNTAIN) but I can’t do anything if I am injured.

So Friday we took off because I as feeling lazy and my shoulder was all bungered up. We watched a week’s worth of episodes of the Daily Show. Then Saturday we (I) manned up and ran in the rain! yeaaaaa. It was fine. It was misty and then a little pissy, but not a deluge. So we got 3.5miles in, in 45 minutes and then I lifted weights, planks and squats. I’m incorporating rotator cuff muscle strengthening weight lifting into my regime because I want to make them stronger and less prone to injury like on Thursday. It was awful. Now let’s see if I can actually keep this up.

Also, yesterday I officially ended the tri plan 1 because I’m burning out and I’m over it and also it was pretty much done. I think that it was okay, however I’d like better explanation as to what each workout’s goal is. What is it for? why am I doing this? Does it help my endurance? power output? speed? I think I get the gist usually, but sometimes I need it spelled out.

Today I also spent like 3 hours steam blocking pieces of a sweater I knit for my Grandma, with the crappiest iron ever. Now instead of balls of crappily knitted stuff, it looks like flat pretty knitted stuff. I need to sew it all together and then do 1000 other things before I can call it a sweater, really. I’ve got to knit a 3 inch wide collar still, so I’m about a month out if I actually do this on time. Also, if she doesn’t like it, I’ll be pissed. I spent like 8 months on this thing.I’ll wear it, it fits me well actually…well I can’t say that for sure since it’s not really in one piece, but I knit it to my measurements because we are the same size. Yup, tiny little ladies in this family.

Okay, more funtime workouts tomorrow. Today we ride! Indoors, and on insane mode.



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